The best networking books for business go beyond networking tips.

If you’re frustrated by networking or feel like you’re spending a lot of time and putting in a lot of effort, but not getting results, you need to go deeper than networking tips.

If you’re an experienced networker, maybe it’s time to take your influence and visibility to the next level with powerful networking strategies that bring results.

If you’re depending on networking as a sales or marketing channel, you need to get very serious about applying a strategy to your networking.

When I started getting very serious about networking as a key business, marketing, and sales strategy, I was looking for a way to get results …

  • Without spending more time
  • Without relying on random tips
  • And to do it in a way that was authentic and purposeful.
Stack of Networking on Purpose books with a cup of coffee

What I needed was a simple plan that would be easy to remember, but would also be effective.

I wanted a strategy to help me stay focused on the fundamentals but also grow with me as my networking skills increased.

I spent five years studying and writing about business networking until I developed the simple five-part strategy that I personally still use to this day.

Then I wrote it up in a simple easy-to-read book: “Networking on Purpose: a Five-Part Networking Success Plan to Build a Profitable and Powerful Business Network.”

Thanks to the power of my network of connections, friends, and colleagues, it launched on Amazon and hit #1 on the first day in two categories: Small Business & Entrepreneurship: Marketing and Business Life: Motivation & Self-Improvement.

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In this book, you'll discover:

  • How to use the simple Five Part Networking Success Plan™ to rapidly build your business network.
  • The truth about building a connection with someone (hint: it doesn’t involve commenting on pictures in their office).
  • The best way to be incredibly confident in any business networking situation.
  • Exactly where to go so that you are guaranteed to meet receptive and influential new people every time you network.
  • Why “small talk” is one of your best conversational tools … and why the elevator pitch isn’t.
  • The one thing you must do to be in the top 10% of all networkers.
  • What to NEVER do the first time you meet someone (and how to make sure you don’t do it).
  • The four activities that will help you easily close more deals  … without being salesy or feeling pushy.

Networking on Purpose is perfect for you if you are:

  • just starting out in your career or are in a job search,
  • getting involved in a network marketing or direct selling business,
  • starting your own business or working as a solopreneur,
  • responsible for sales or marketing,
  • already networking but spending too much time on it,
  • good at networking, but want to get better,
  • want to feel more confident while networking,
  • need to leverage networking as a marketing or sales channel,
  • or you want to grow your influence and connect with more people to make your personal life easier and get more out of your professional life.

Here's What People Are Saying About "Networking On Purpose"

Dale Bierce

“In ‘Networking on Purpose,’ Beth shows you how to network without selling and build the kind of relationships that lead to business.”

Dale Bierce
Sandler Training

Denise Lee Branco

“In ‘Networking on Purpose,’ Beth passionately captures the key elements which will help you navigate your way to networking success.”

Denise Lee Branco
Award-Winning Author of Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey

Lisa Farquharson

“If you have joined a Chamber of Commerce and wonder what to do next, this book is your practical, easy-to-use guide for making the most of your networking opportunities in your organization and community.”

Lisa Farquharson
The Dalles Chamber of Commerce

Betsy Hays

“‘Networking on Purpose’ is a wonderful, practical how-to guide for everyone who wants to be successful!”

Betsy A. Hays
Author & Educator

“This is what every young business person and entrepreneur needs to know to confidently grow and work with the people they know and the people they will meet.”

Carlos Camerena

“This book is vital for anyone starting their career or looking for a new job.”

Rachel Michaelson
Senior Analyst

“All your Chamber staff members should read this networking book and apply these principles to make their business community even stronger.”

Steve Snyder
Former Vice President
Western Association of Chamber Executives