About Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator

Hi Friends, I'm Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator.

I've attended over 2,500 networking events in the last ten years. I've interacted with tens of thousands of people in person and through social media. I created the Five-Part Networking Success Plan and wrote my top-selling book "Networking on Purpose" after watching new and experienced business people struggling to network effectively.

As a speaker, author and trainer, I show people how to use my Five Part Networking Success Plan to build their own highly responsive and powerful network. But enough about me.

It's About You, Actually

I know that at the core of it, you're interested in what I can do for you (which is an important principal to keep in mind when you're networking), so let me start there. You can get a lot more about me and my experience further down the page.

My networking and business philosophy is to share as much of my insights, ideas and experiences with you as I can, for free. Then if you want more, you can invest in my book, engage me as a speaker or bring me on as a trainer for you or staff.

"Beth is a person who truly understands networking."
Bob Burg, co-author of New York Times best-seller The Go-Giver

"Beth is the foremost expert on business networking in the Chamber industry."
Frank J. Kenny, Author and Chamber of Commerce social media authority, FrankJKenny.com

"Beth is an expert networker, an incredible businesswoman and outstanding person."
Mary Swarts, Senior Manager, SendOutCards, cardsfromyourpc.com

Here's where to get the free stuff:

On this website. I blog to share my networking, business and life experiences to give you in-depth knowledge.

On my YouTube channel. I record a lot of short, focused videos for quick marketing and networking. Subscribe here.

On LinkedIn. I'm a regular contributor and connector, so send me a request to connect and build your network.

On Twitter. Follow me to see a lot of great articles, websites and other internet tidbits from the best in the business.

On Facebook. If that's where you spend your time, "Like" my page here to get updates, videos and quick networking tips.

Here's what else I'd love to do for you:

Send me your biggest challenge or your most interesting networking dilemmas and questions by emailing me or message me on Facebook. I'll answer your question on social media (anonymously if you ask, of course!) so that others can learn, too.

About Beth Bridges, the Networking Motivator

"I can count on one hand the people who truly understand 'networking.' Beth Bridges is one of them."
Todd Schnick, CEO, The Intrepid Group, LLC, Business Talk Show Host

Beth Bridges is the Networking Motivator and author of "Networking on Purpose: A Five-Part Success Plan to Build a Powerful and Profitable Business Network" which reached #1 in two categories in its first week on Amazon. She has been called "one of the world's great networkers" by Bob Burg, New York Times bestselling author of The Go-Giver.

She was the Membership Director and Chief Networking Officer of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce for nearly 11 years. During that time, she attended more than 2,500 networking events including mixers, trade shows, leads clubs, association meetings and chamber of commerce events. She has interacted with tens of thousands of people in person and online and is recognized as a business networking leader by her peers and chamber members. Audiences consistently rave about her high energy, encouraging and valuable presentations. She encounters people who, months and years later, are still using and benefiting from the concrete and actionable ideas within the plan.

"It had to be fate ... or networking! Beth has been an inspiration since she sat by me at a writers conference five years ago."
Denise Lee Branco, Award-Winning Author of Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey, www.HorseAtTheCornerPost.com

"When I met Beth, I watched her sincere, natural and relaxed way of interacting with people and I learned so much!"
Melissa Tosetti, Founder of The Savvy Life, international bestselling author of "Living The Savvy Life"

Beth built and managed her chamber's social media program which was named by OnlineMBAPage.com as one of the Top 100 Social Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce in the United States.

She is still an involved member of several of her local chambers of commerce including the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and the Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce.

"Beth has been teaching business people how to effectively network in real world situations for many years and is widely recognized for her passion and proficiency in this often misunderstood skill set."
Dale Bierce, Sandler Training

Beth is a contributor to multiple projects including Todd Schnick's ebook "Kicking Fears Ass" and his IntrepidNow Network, a contributor to “Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk About Fitting in Fitness and Dare You to Join Them” and to “The Startup Student: Practical Advice on How to Succeed as a Student Entrepreneur.”

She has been active locally for 15 years, speaking to groups, being interviewed on CentralValleyTalk.com, Connect with Me TV, and Central Valley Today. Beth has also been a regular guest lecturer at local universities including Heald College, DeVry University, Institute of Technology, ITT Tech and CSU Fresno.

Beth has shared her networking strategy with corporations, colleges and universities, and business associations. New business owners, sole proprietors, independent sales agents, corporate executives and managers, solopreneurs and network marketers have all benefited from this practical but powerful system. She trains individuals, companies, and organizations on using her deliberate, intentional and strategic system for networking on purpose.

"Beth is emerging as a leader in the Chamber industry."
Steve Snyder, former Vice President, Western Association of Chamber Executives

Beth is widely recognized by chamber of commerce executives across North America as a leading networking authority.

On a personal note, Beth was a high-school cross country running team member for four years, but quit running in her thirties because she thought she was too old to run. Eight years ago, she realized that was ridiculous and started running again. In 2014, she was awarded the Masters Women's Runner-Up in the Valley Runner of the Year Series, won the series in 2016, and is seeking to repeat her championship in 2017. During that time, she also a fear of riding a bicycle on city streets to begin road cycling, then realized she might as well shed her twenty-year fear of water, began swimming, and five months later completed her first triathlon, competing in her second triathlon a month later in open water.

These days, she's focused on master's track and field and is training to compete in the 2020 USATF Master's World Championships in Toronto in 2020.

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