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How Beth attended over 2,500 networking events and became the Networking Motivator.

Beth Bridges

... is The Networking Motivator.

Beth earned this title by attending over 2,500 networking events in a ten year period as the Membership Director and Chief Networking Officer of a large west coast chamber of commerce. Members would ask her for networking tips and Beth began teaching them the best way to network.

Beth realized that she had created a very simple, but powerful system for networking. She called it the Five Part Networking Success Plan and in October 2013 shared it with business networkers around the world by writing "Networking on Purpose: A Five-Part Success Plan to Build a Powerful and Profitable Business Network." The book reached #1 in two categories in its debut and is available on Beth has become a popular business speaker for business networking groups, chambers of commerce, association conferences and direct marketing organizations.

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